(Prices may vary by location)

This is the wash for those bold souls who only want the best of the best!  It comes with everything in the Ultra Clean and adds the premiums, Custom Air Freshener, Purple Rain Deep Penetrating Soap Bath, Raspberry Carnuaba Ultra Wax, and Waterfall Mega Rinse.  You’ll know why the name fits when you see the Ultra Shine on your ride!

We have loaded this wash up to be the best value in the business!  Dash Towel, Air Freshener, Rainbow Triple Foam, High Pressure Blasters, Ultra Shield UV Protectant , Spot Free Rinse, Sealer Wax, Turbo Dry and much much more!!!

fluff, no frills, just heavy duty scrubbing and cleaning from bumper to bumper and wheels to roof. 

This wash is perfect for those in between times when you need to knock off a little dust.  More than just a little soap and water, this is the best $5 value in the carwash world!